My professional experience

Since 2019

Co-Founder & HR Manager/talent Coach of DigitalScaler, team of passionate experts helping organisations to scale their Customer experience, Agile & Digital capabilities by means of a profound and customer-centric transformation

Since april 2018

Coaching of starters, helping with their business plan, their financial plans, marketing actions,…

Since 2016

Creation of my own company as an Executive and Professional Coach, Mentor and Facilitator for Individuals and Organizations.
Very soon, after leaving ING, I felt the need to create my own company. Too many projects to manage, the good structure to gather them was a company. The diversification of my customer base makes work – and life – particularly amazing and exciting!

Since 2016

Career Coach at SOLVAY Business School for International MBA Executive Students
The Executive MBA participants benefit during their program from several coaching sessions.
Very enriching experience by the cultural diversity, by the different expectations of the participants towards their coach for example a reorientation of their career or the negotiation of the next step …
Besides this diversity, the atmosphere at Solvay Business School is really great: learn, work hard but always with a positive attitude!

Since 2016

Ambassador, starter-coach, member of the credit committee and the Board of Directors
microStart is a social micro-financing organization “helping people with more ideas than money” (

2016 - 2017

Human Resources and Contract Management Manager for a IT consulting company of more than 350 people.
Initially, a 3-months mission to ensure the proper integration, within the group, of a bankrupt company and its 65 employees.
After completing this mission, the CEO asked me to create the position of Human Resources Manager. In one year, we have
structured the management of contracts and strengthened the monitoring of recruitment, the Achilles heel of this kind of company.
Another amazing experience since most of the 350 consultants were external!

2002 - 2012

Active Board Member
Great experience, working together and co-deciding with competitors to provide a single channel for our multi-bank clients.
In 10 years, with my fellow directors, we have reached an agreement on the development of the new version of Isabel (6), launched
the new Zoomit business line and other innovations in security. I still wish the best to this extraordinary company!

1984 - 2015

  • IT Chief of Staff, team of 140 specialists (Architecture, HR, Security, AGILE, Vendor mgt,…)
  • Head Products MidCorp & Corp BeLux, team of 330 sales, product mgrs, operations, customer desk,…
  • Segment Mgr MidCorp Belgium, 250 account managers servicing 50.000 customers
  • IT Head of Applications, a.o. customer & accounts, coordinating € transition for over 2 mio customers
  • Financial Markets, Head of Back & Middle Office, team of 120 operations & control people
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) : multidisciplinary task force for customer and branch profitability
  • Marketing manager for Brussels Region, 160 branches with a team of 15 people