My expertise

The coach aims to help his client to achieve his goals. Through a benevolent but sometimes confrontational questioning, the coach will allow his client to (re) discover his potential and his talents in order to implement the action plan he has developed autonomously. The objectives can range from the resolution of functional, relational or communicational challenges, the preparation of key moments to the complete reorientation of a professional life.
My trademark: the combination of kindness and confrontation, together with the detection of hidden links or apparent contradictions make you realize why you came in the first place !


In mentoring, the coach adds the dimension “advice” as opposed to “pure coaching” in which the client finds his own answers. In mentoring, at the request of the client, I open up unsuspected tracks or interesting alternatives. This is where my long experience is fully expressed in areas that range from change management, making a business plan, a strategic note to the large field of human relations and communication.


When a team has to think about a subject or to dig a theme, the coach plays a catalyst role: he obtains concrete results by techniques appropriate to the purpose of the session, such as, for instance, structured creativity. A well trained and external eye, a neutral look can reduce emotional tensions and align the positive energy amongst the group.


Based on clear objectives for the team building, the coach will propose a balanced program combining
intellectual workshops with fun activities related to self-knowledge and trust between team members. As
mentioned by the Boston Consulting Group in their 2018 wishes: “Best teams win : no matter your journey, you
won’t be able to do it without the right talent, diversity and teaming” !

My services meet the following needs:

Optimize Leadership

Imagine professional future(s)

Tackle functional and/or relational issues

Boost the way up to more responsibilities

Prepare a key moment


Initiate and launch your own business

Winning combination :

Experience • Analytical strength • Emotional intelligence


  • Authenticity
  • Kindness
  • Ability to create a relationship of trust
  • Spontaneity & Humor
  • Focus & Pragmatism
  • Respect for the customer’s pace

My coaching :

  • Detection of unexpected links
  • Acute sense of observation
  • Sharp analysis, Intellectual curiosity
  • Natural sensitivity
  • In-depth business comprehension

My approach :

  • Opening up new horizons and perspectives
  • Counter-foot to change perspective
  • Active listening and kind confrontation